Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sweet Lolita Dresses -www.victoriasbox.com

Nowadays,many youny people even the children are glad to wear the Lolita clothing all over the world.Actually,the word "Lolita" became popular and famous,thanks for the novel written by Vladimir Nabokov. Japanese borrowed it from English,and came up with a movie "kamikaze girls" which made the Lolita clothing more favorable.

Sweet Lolita dresses are most popular in Japan and is the original lolita style. Pink and white are the main colors with lots of frills and lace. Outfits are heavily trimmed with lace, pleats or other intricate details and are almost always in bright or pastel colours - baby pink, baby blue and white are often seen.This is related to the concept of kawaii or cuteness which can be related to a desire to return to a more innocent past time, a sort of reaction against the psychological pressures of present-day life that the young people have to contend with.

Sweet Lolitas often dress around a theme, for example the colours of cupcakes or fruit. For example: A strawberry-themed outfit might be a white dress with a strawberry pattern and lace around the collar, a straw hat and strawberry shaped accessories.The young women will carry around teddy bears, parasols and other things which increase even further the cuteness quotient. It has a very, very innocent look to it, nothing challenging or nasty at all.

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