Thursday, November 4, 2010

Do you know how to keep your wedding dresses ???

how to maintain and protect your wedding dress? This question is always bother each brides. Here , I gonna tell some way to take care of your loved dress for your reference.
1)      before buying your wedding dress, you should confirm the material and fabric, which is very important for your keeping it, such as top light and elegant organza, satin with feminizing character.otherwise, the dress could shrink from waternizing.
2)      Please remmeber asking the bridal shop about the way of keeping your dress, especially sequiences ,because it will destory the whole beauty if they are damage a little.
3)      Please take care your dress when you on and off it , in case to damage the fabric
4)      Please sun the inner lining cover after cleaning and void of sun straight the cover of the dress, the strong light will spoil the dress and the color
5)      And do not hang the dress, please spread on sonething when you need to sun it
6)      Plese keep in mind, do need clean your dress thoroughly before keeping it.
  1. because the way of keeping wedding dress is different from other precious clothes, please don’t trust in some laundry in street or trust with a special laundry only for cleaning wedding dress
  2. the wedding dress needs to wet cleaning but not dry cleaning , for some beading embelishment can’t afford the chemical cauterization from the dry cleaning
  3. dipping in your wedding dress into the water in which soft and neutral cleanser , it can remove the Cabernet and oil stain from the wedding party, even sweat if you dipping more time
7)      please keeping in mind , cleaning your hand and no makeup before keeping your dress, otherwise, it will have some yellow stains on it
8)      the last thing, it better to sterilize your dress with ultraviolet radiation and ozone
hope those ways can help you keeping your loved dress wedding dress very well